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If we don't then potentially, if you have paid in fewer than than 10 years' worth of National Insurance contributions, you will not get a British state pension. Is it possible to be both an EU citizen and not an EU citizen, asks Declan O'Neill, who holds an Irish passport. I should probably declare some sort of interest here as a dual Irish and British national myself. Of course, anyone born in Northern Ireland has an absolute right to carry both passports. Declan might be happy to know that this is one of the few questions where I can't see a downside as long as you are happy and comfortable online shopping essay carrying both passports. The Irish document means you continue to enjoy the benefits of EU citizenship, and the British passport will give you full rights in the UK at the same time. Call it one of the clear joys of coming from Northern Ireland, alongside the rolling hills, rugged coastline and enjoyable breaks between the showers. All you have to do is remember to carry the Irish passport when you are joining the EU citizens-only queue at the airport in future. Is there a get-out clause for Article 50, asks Gillian Coates. I think the honest answer is you would have to be a legal eagle to answer this. But my take on it is that legally it looks like once we trigger Article 50 we are locked in, and that is certainly how the European Parliament reads it.
30 hrs since @VirginAmerica lost my luggage & aside from commenting on a Tweet, COMPLETE SILENCE. Shops shut & sitting in my Mum’s underwear and pj’s. No toiletries, medication, warm clothes & no gifts to give anyone. Merry Xmas! #virginamerica #worstairlineever @richardbranson

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