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The ICE fact sheet listed four different national targeted fugitive operation enforcement efforts between 2011 and 2017, with between 1,660 and 3,100 people arrested each time. According to the fact sheet, over 680 people were arrested in the operation this month. However, a DHS official told Yahoo News that is likely to be only a part of the total. The official said ICE put together statistics on the number of arrests before the operation fully concluded on Monday evening, due to immense public interest. The ultimate total will probably be higher, the official said. Christensen provided a more detailed breakdown of the people arrested by ICE during the surge. She suggested the operation involved substantial preparation and was not launched quickly. Seventy-five percent of the people arrested were convicted criminals. Those are target lists that each field office takes the time to build. They take the time to do surveillance to ensure that they have a good shot of apprehending the folks on the target list, said Christensen.

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